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Duplisea Duplessis and Sirois Genealogy by Mark S Duplisea 

Duplessis History Section 3

Joseph Duplessis: his descendants - UNDER CONSTRUCTION



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The table below lists the children of Joseph Duplessis and gives a brief synopsis of their life and descendants.

Joseph married Marie Chassé in 1777 and their union produced three children before  Marie died in 1783. Only one child survived into adulthood.  
Marie Scholastique Sirois dit Duplessis was born in, 1777 in the Kamouraska area and was buried less than four years later in 1781.    

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Michel Duplessis was born in 1779  in the Kamouraska area. He moved with his father to the St John river valley in Madawaska and settled there, marrying Victoire Cormier in 1802 @ St Basile.  His children initially settled in Madawaska, N.B. and in Aroostook and the Old Town and Orono areas of Penobscot county, Maine. A large percentage of the Duplessis/Duplissis/Duplessie.. families of Maine are his descendants. He appears as an 81 yr old living with his son Edouard in the Hamlin area in the 1860 U.S. census and presumably died there sometime before the next enumeration.    
Known descendants:  ~1100

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Joseph Marie Sirois , a son, was born in 1781 in the Kamouraska area died and was and buried eight months later .  
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Joseph married Marie Francoise Chouinard in 1787. Their union produced 14 known children (12 sons and 2 daughters) of whom 11 survived into adulthood.  
Etienne/Stephen Duplessis -- born in Kamouraska, QC in 1792, married Marie Margaret Hebert in Northumberland county around 1820. He died before 1842. His widow remarried and raised the family in Bouctouche, Kent county, N.B.. Their children: Database Link
bulletFrancoise (1821-1886)  married Gabriel Caissie in 1845.in Grand Digue. They eventually settled and rasied their family in Bouctouche
bulletMarie (b 1823)  married Joseph Thibodeau and raised their family in Escuminac, Northumberland County
bulletJoseph (b. 1825) married Celeste Mazerolle and raised their family in Baie Ste Anne, Northumberland County
bulletEtienne(Stephen) (1826-1884) married Marie Ann Williston and raised their family in Bouctouche. Stephen and his younger brother Benoit are the ancestors of the Bouctouche Duplessis' families.Stephen's wife Marie Ann was killed in the freak tornado of 1879 which devastated Bouctouche.
bulletBenjamin(Benoit) (1831-1902) married Barbara "Babée) Boucher and raised their family in Bouctouche.
bulletPierre(1833-1849) died @ 16 in Bouctouche.
bulletLuce (1835-1895)  married Cyprien Auger and raised their family in Bouctouche

Joseph Duplessis III --born in Kamouraska, QC in 1792,  stayed in Sunbury county and married in 1818. Died sometime before 1851. Have  a record for only one child, a son  Henry who never married.

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Charles Duplisea --  born in Madawaska area in 1793, stayed in Sunbury county, and married in 1819, settling in Blissville. Had a large family  and died there in 1884.

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Genevieve Duplessis -- born in Madawaska area in 1795,  married Louis Nadeau in Baie Ste Anne in ~1817.  They had a large family and moved to St Basile, Madawaska a few years before she died in 1835 just shy of her 40th birthday and only a few weeks after giving birth. Database Link
Thomas Duplessis  
Pascal Duplessis  
John Duplessis  
Benjamin Duplessis
Francoise Duplessis  
Roger David Duplessis  
William Duplessis  
Olivier Duplessis  
Prudent Duplessis  


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