Mary Frances Land Petition 1818

Duplisea Duplessis and Sirois Genealogy by Mark S Duplisea


Land Petition of Marie Francoise Chouinard Duplessis for land on Eel River, near Baie Ste Anne, N.B. and associated letters



Land Petition of Marie Francoise Chouinard Duplessis for land on Eel River: Nov 14, 1818

Document type: Land Petition Location: West Branch of Eel River, Northumberland County , New Brunswick

Original : English

His Excellency Major General George Tracey Smyth Lieutenant Governor & commander in chief of the Province of New Brunswick etc. etc.h
The Memorial of Mary Frances Deplucie & Sons
Humbly Sheweth
That your memorialist is a native of this Province, a subject of Great Britain. is Fifty years of age. and has never received any grant of land from government is in circumstances to enable her to comply with the conditions of cultivation and is desirous of obtaining an allotment of Land for the purpose of cultivating & improving the same. your memorialist hath not directly nor indirectly bargained or agreed for the sale or transfer of such land to any person or persons whatsoever and humbly prays that she may have an allotment of land granted to her on the western Branch of the Eel River in the Parish of Glenelg and County of Northumberland lying between the Land granted to John Thibbodeau and Joseph Thibbodeau on which there is about three acres cut down & burnt and a small house erected which improvements are yielded to your memorialist by Peter Mazerall. and your memorialist as in duty bound will ever pray
Miramichi                                              Mary  X   Duplacie
  on the fourteenth day of November 1818 before me John Clarke Esq~ one of his majestys Justices of the Peace for the county of Northumberland. Personally appeared the above named Widow Duplacie and made oath that the several matters & things set forth in the before written memorial are just & true
                                                                                                         John Clark 
26 Nov. 1818

The situation herein described is Vacant Land, and contains 115 Acres

                              Signature illegible

Letter written concerning dispute over land petitioned for by Marie Francoise Chouinard Duplessis  on Eel River: 15th April 1819
Bay Du -- vin 15th April 1819


Mrs Duplesey came to me by your directions in consequence of a lot in dispute between her and Joseph Muzroll, son of Peter Muzroll. He has lived on it some years I believe and is on it still, said Lot is between Joseph and John Tibodo in the upper Bay Du vin grant. She says he told her last fall he did not want the lot, in consequence of which she has part built a house, now he refuses to let her have it, she says because some people threatned that they would not do anything for him that he was depending on, I told her I could not write for her unless Joseph Muzroll, son of Paul Muzroll, would come to me and let me know the circumstance of the matter, accordingly he came and said he heard Joseph Muzroll tell Mrs Depleccy he did not want the Lot, and she might have it. Two other witnesses says the same, as you'l see by the enclosed. I don't understand that Muzroll ever apply'd for the lot. 

Since this Joseph Muzroll came to me and said he would tell the truth, he said he did tell her he did not want the lot and she might have it. Likewise he made considerable improvement thereon, He says he will not give up his right untill he is paid for his improvement and likewise says there is land enough cleared on the lot to serve them both for one year and she has broke her promisses to him and is very trouble and abusive. He wanted me to write a memorial for him. I told him I would not till the matter is settled. He says he has as good right to fall from his word as she has.

                           I am Sir. your Most Humble Servant

                                                                         Lewis Dennis 
Francis Peabody Squire 

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